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Make Posts Around One Single Idea

This is about why is important to make your posts around one single idea. I mean, this is just what people want. Some fresh content that really has something to say. Content that is not created just for the sake of creating content. You Got To Have An Idea That You Want To Share With […]

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Quick Easy Money

Do you know some quick and easy method to make money? Please leave a comment below. I will check it out and then will include your method in CocoComo. I Mention Your Name/Website/Product If your method is cool, I make a new post in CocoComo in the “Quick Easy Money” section. I will include all […]

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Let’s Share It! – My New Invention

We can share the same picture or post across the social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, etc. We can share the same thing so it goes across the internet and finally someday it will return in our lives. This is a cool thing to do. Requisites: Include the phrase “Let’s Share It!” at the end of the post. […]

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